Gaga is raiding the kitchen again. Hes on a mission to making the perfect sandwich. Do all guys do that? I mean do they all take pride on their sandwich making skills? :) A slice of ham, tomatoes, onions, cheese, lettuce, bacon, mustard, and some mayo. Death by sandwich with all those artery clogging ingredients. :) ...Well as long as he makes me a slice...


Gaga fetched me from work at about 4PM, then he accompanied me to this reunion that me and my high school friends planed for weeks. We went to this restaurant fronting a lake to celebrate one of my friend's birth day. After a hefty diner we spent the rest of the evening at a local videoke bar. I really gave it my all when it was my turn to sing. Unfortunately, my all was not good enough. :)

It was a very busy day. The hospital was full of patients with cases ranging from stomach ache to hearth disease. The rooms were packed and some patients were already on the hallway... And the smell, you don't want to know. Oh well... It's all in a days work. I just hope we get our Christmas bonus. There is this rumor that we don't get one. :(

My neighbor dropped by to give me a sample of her fish fillet. She's going to serve it on their office party. I guest she just wants me to be the judge. I told her it taste good but a little too salty for me.

A patient suffering from heart disease died during my shift. I've seen it happen lots of times but i could never get use to it. I always wonder how it feels like,.. Does it hurt? Do you see a bright light? Oh well! I guest we all get to experience it when our time comes. Good night for now...

Just got home, traffic was bad. It took me almost two hours...
Anyway, I got a new bag from this boutique that sells imported goods from Thailand. It was a good price considering the quality and design. I'm sure it will look good with my red blouse.

Me and gaga just came from this coffee shop beside a gas station. They make this amazing ice mocha frappe. so rich and creamy. I wonder if we could make that here.. hummm... nighty-night for now!..

I just got off the phone, in this rainy night, all one could do is order out. I just hope the delivery guy arrives on time. I'm starving... There's nothing in the fridge that does not need cooking... Except my brother's two week old sandwich...
...I'm not that hungry

Good morning sunshine! no work today, but a lot of laundry. Hope the sun will not give up on me. Ow well!... Im off to the laundry room... Be Happy! :)

It's a cold and cloudy night, but still you can hear voices from the carolers on a nearby house. They sing their hearts out even thou some of them are out of tune. Some just for the fun of it, but some ask for money. Well it is Christmas season...

Back from work, another day another pay... There are times i wish i could just stay home and watch T.V. all day, but nooo... "Go to work!" this voice inside my head keep reminding me that i'm gona be late. Anyways... Life is still good. :)

Sometimes one would think that Christmas is now just for kids...
That's funny, coz every time the season comes i feel like a kid...
And i'm already 25yrs old.. "i mean young"... :)

Earlier this day me and gaga started installing Christmas lights, lanterns and also the tree which we left standing in one corner of the living room. You would really be surprise with what you could do with just a few lights and decor. We could hardly recognize the place.

I just got home from work. Dog tired and hungry. But you know what?...

...Something caught my eye when i was still on the road, the first sign of Christmas, a bright red star hanging from my neighbor's house...

..."Advance Merry Christmas To You All!"

As i say the words of love
As i saw you lay down
You spoke to me gently
As i listen intently
You told me of the things
We used to do
But now will never be done
You told me of the things

We used to talk about
But now will be forever gone
You told me of the things
We dreamt together
But now will fade away
You told me about
Your undying love
That will never go away
You told me that my heart
Will never go astray
'Coz your love for me will never die.