Hi fans! :) hehe... we're so so sorry for our long absence... As we all know world crisis is upon us and we must do all we can to survive the plunge.. luckily Gaga and I discovered a business that we could both do with our free time. It's USANA... For those of you guys who already know about it.. 'Yes it is network marketing and it works for us even with all the bad review we've read on the net.' All we can say is, if you work hard, you will succeed, if not, marketing or not you will go down. And the products are top of the life.. It's the best of the best.. Don't take it from us, do some research on the net..
hehe... oh and here's another of our small businesses.. hehe,, U.S. goods... check this out guys! :) Available within Davao City and near provinces... :) yahoo!