Watching the U.S. President Obama conference on CNN. Talking about the economy and answering a barraged of questions from different angles, well i think he did good. I mean Well. I leave in the Philippines but right now whatever happens anywhere else in the world affects all of us. So it's not just their war on economy. It's our war as well. We just hope we all pull through this one guys. Another issue right now is this Swine Flu Virus. Well if it becomes pandemic we're toast! Hopefully we get through that to, :( A sad day for us all. Good luck to all of us and God bless!

Whew! I really had a hard time coming home today. There appears to be a transport strike of some sort. :( I had to wait almost an hour just to catch a ride since all of the jeep i see are full. Lucky i found one that has one seat left for me. lol :) oh well.. Goodnight guys!

Major headache welcomed me today. Must be cause by lack of sleep. I ate breakfast and took meds for my aching head and I'm going to take a bath after this. Head ache or no not I have to go to work. Well cya guys! :)

We just got home from Bukidnon! :) Went to Waig Crystal resort and had a great time with some of my co-workers! :) weee! We wish to share to you guys our wonderful experience through some pics we took! :) We also have lots of video clips for you guys but for now it's time for a good night's sleep! :) cya pips!

We are going out of town! Weee! :) The place is a secret but Ill tell you guys all about it when we come back ok?! :) 'wink!' cya guys later! Oh and can anyone feed Joker when we are gone? :) lol

Guys will always be guys when it comes to fixing stuff. From banging the T.V. set to trying to pry open oven toasters. They just have to know them all, or pretend to know them all. :)... One area is plumbing. One time I asked Gaga to call a plumber because our bathroom faucet now has mind of its own. The super man that he is, tried to fixed the problem himself. He did actually, but around 12:00 o'clock midnight the faucet went nuts again, and this time it's too late to call a professional plumber. We had to wait till the next morning and i let Gaga help me pay the water bill when it arrived. Well good news to those who live in the Denver Colorado area! Mike the plumber is here! Denver Plumbing Professional plumbing at your service. Why gamble your plumbing needs to someone who doesn't really know what his doing when you can have a quality job done by a professional. Mike the plumber is ready to serve! :)...

I was suppose to go out with my friend and co-worker twiggy when Gaga told me through text message not to go out because he had a bad feeling about it. I tried to ask him for the exact reason why but all he said was he had a bad dream concerning me going out today. So i canceled my days out and told Gaga he had better come here to explain himself. After an hour or so he arrived with a bag of Tempura Crackers and some chocolate fudge cakes. He told me he just miss me... :)

The scenario; 'You try to comfort a friend who's boyfriend or husband left her for some blond. The sad part, your friend is 3 months pregnant!' The harder you try to convince her that it's all gonna be all right and that you are there for her and that her parents will understand, she just keep saying; "You do not know how i feel because it's not you who's in my shoes!" Well she is absolutely right! You do not know how she feels!... You guys may have been friends since grade school but for the first time you are helpless to help your friend. The thing is, she feels all alone right now, even if you're right there beside her. "What if you let other people help her?" Someone who feels and undergoes the same situation she's in right now.
single parent chat You and this chat site will help her go through her problem with the help and support of individuals who knows what it's like to be a single parent. Acceptance and support is a good solution, and this chat room provides both. Some times we are not equip with the right tool to certain problems in life. We just need to know who does and ask for help. We just have to remember; "We are not alone!"

With all the explanation given, some people just can't understand simple instruction. One watcher blames us nurses for the death of the patient. She tells us that we did not do out duty properly. That proper care was not given. Hummm.. Well how can you give care to someone who refuses to be cared for in the first place. A number of tests and standard procedures was signed not to be performed on the patient by the relatives themselves. How can we treat the patient if they do not want us to? Then they blame the death on the nurses. Unbelievable! Oh well! Just another day at work.. :)

Just got home from work, tired and hungry. When i opened the kitchen light there was food on the table, along with two lizards. :(... Who knows what else feasted on it, so i had to resort to canned beans. I just pour them in a bowl and into the microwave while i take a bath. Then after my meal i brushed my teeth and ask Gaga to give me a massage till i fall asleep. Goodnight world! :)... (-o.-)..z..z..Z

Got this award from Grace , I'm so delighted to have such a great friend like grace. She's one reason and a lot of you guys out there that keeps gagaandgaga going.

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Another blog award was given to me by another Grace (my so called life). We gagaandgaga thank you for your patience a
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I'm sharing this tag to all you guys. Grab it! :)

This award was given to me by Amiable Amy, my very loyal friend and the most active blogger. Thank u soooo much friend...

I'm passing this tag to the following bloggers: Bonita, Tweegy, karissa, t'weng, t'karen, msray, grace, and TR.. Grab it now guys..

Have you ever wondered where all the punk are today? Those guys and gals wrapped in checkered polo shirts styling Dr. Martens boots and mohok hair style. One can hardly spot them on the streets nowadays. One reason is, they are now online.
punk singles
...A safe haven for those who are really punk deep inside and are just afraid to show or express it. "Admit it guys, we all are!" I still have my pair of DM's... :)... Fun never stop just bcuz ur having more and more gray hair. "Splash a little color on and break that egg or Elmer's glue to make that spiked hair alive again!" :) Just log on to this site and you'll find new friends with same interest. Good thing this site is international, so i can connect to people all over the world not just Davao City. Punk will never ever die. We just upgraded to the internet age. Now hopefully i can find someone in here who still has a copy of Rancid. :) TRC! Yeah!

Just another day in our lives. A hot day that is. It's still early but the sun feels like it's 12 noon. I have work this 3pm and I usually leave the house about 1:30. I can not imagine how hot it's even going to be. :( humm.. Hopefully Gaga arrives with his over sized umbrella.. lol! :) Joker took a bath because he's beginning to smell like a rat... Oh well! cya later guys! :) Gonna have me some breakfast!..

Surfing the net for chat sites Gaga and I stumbled into
tattoo chat room It's particularly for individuals who love tattoos. One can even join even without a tattoo, if you're just curious about it. I mean both of us do not have tattoos but in some point in our lives we've always wondered what it would be like to have one slapped on your arm. A permanent badge of your own. For culture or for fun. In the site you can talk to people who's views and beliefs about their tattoo transcend one's imagination and go beyond the limit of unparalleled painful experience to some, just to show off their rights to self expression and to freedom. Gaga and i learned all of this just by chatting to one of the online guys in there. It's been a great experience so far. Cya guys in there! :)

One time i saw this guy with weird skin-tight pants and long shaggy hair wearing black Metalica T-shirt inside the jeep. Hanging around his neck was a necklace made of aluminum soft drink can rings. The one that you pull to get your soft drink can open. "You know?!".. Well Gaga probably saw my curiosity so he asked the guy what was it for. The guy told us that he was collecting it to make a wheelchair. Humm... After that incident Gaga and I search the web for programs regarding wheelchair community sites and how we could all help our physically disabled brothers and sisters out there. We saw one chat site:
wheelchair chat
It is basically an online community where people can share their views and support to those who where unable to walk because of some serious illness or might be cause by calamities. The importance of this chat site is to give hope and love, and to share their own experiences so they might help other people to move on and keep on living. It might not be you or me who's on a wheelchair but it is probably someone we know and love. As always guidance and emotional support plays a role in all of these. That is why this chat site is so valuable in the first place. "Let there be Hope!"

No work today so it's fun in the sun! :) Me and Gaga are going to the badminton gym with my sister and younger brother. All we need now is some food and drinks for the trip. Oh! I hope Gaga did not forget to book our reservation. After all, it is summer and a lot of people are going out to the beach or are into sports like badminton. All our things are packed and ready to go. We're only waiting for the taxi. See you guys out their! :)

With hundreds or even thousands of online games around, one might think; "Naaa... They're all the same! Fun is fun, as long as it's free right?"... "Wrong!"... I've been into games for sometime now and there are a lot of them that's just a copy cat of the the other, but I've also notice some of them with a very original concept and style. While some games are just there to keep us from getting bored and carry us away from our daily life to another dimension, some on the other hand really make a name for themselves and be part of our very culture. Games that get you hooked not just coz it's fun, but because it's already a part of us. "I mean some body's got to save Mars or Earth from extinction right?" And you happened to be the one to get the job done... :) So cheers to all the Hard core Gamers out there and to all the worth it games! I know it's a little late but, "Happy Easter Every One!" wootwoow! :) Oh! For all you guys out there... Here's a game for you. Try: DarkOrbit

For years now I've been sleeping on this old Spanish bed that I think belonged to my grand parents. I've even heard that one of them died on it, yayk! :)lol... Well finally the old bed gave up on me. Now Gaga and I are searching for a new bed. At first we looked at single beds just for me, but why hold back? We realized it's better to get one that is perfect for both of us. We both grew up in the Philippines so naturally it has to be made from wood and must look similar to old Spanish beds we've come to love. As usual surfing the net led us to this beautiful furniture site;
log furniture They have all kinds of stuff from tables, nightstands and our favorite furniture, beds. We saw one bed that's perfect for the job. Mainly sleeping. lol! :)... It's called 'Sunrise Top King Size Bed', made from Walnut frame and Maple accents. Looks a little like my grand parents' bed but with new modern design of the sun near head rest. Like Gaga always says about furniture; "If it's wood... It must be Good!" :)

Every day we go out to work, to the gym, or to our clubs and favorite coffee shops. Just doing our daily routine and letting time simply pass us by. Not sensing danger until the last minute. "What am i talking about?"... Well all you have to do is turn on the T.V. set and you'll see. it's right in front of us. Our world is becoming more and more dangerous by the second. And so far most of us only see it in the daily news. But to some, well make it to many; "It's a jungle out there!" From Illegal drugs to drive by shoot outs to terrorism and don't forget sex offenders. So long have we all been victimize by sex offenders. Might not be directly, but I'm sure we all know someone who was or still is a victim. We can call the cops right? But will they be there on time? We are talking seconds here, life or death if it comes to that. As a health care practitioner, as always... "Prevention is still and always better than cure!" What can we do you ask? Well me and Gaga have been doing net research and surprisingly there are a lot of sites out there that offers information and other resources to help prevent or stop sex offenders. One such site is
Track Local Sex Offenders
They cater everything from police to watch group assistance to other stuff like tips and ideas on how to handle situations like this. The site is complete from A to Z on how you yourself may help and become the tool to stop sex offenders before it happens. It's simply fantastic! For the first time a site that really shows you how we all can defend ourselves from such danger. Not just watching the news; "Be the news!" In a good way... Just remember to be safe as always. No time like the present to help out and do it ourselves. As always. God bless us all! cya guys! :)

With all the new problems that we face everyday, we some times feel, "why do we even bother?" ..."Bother to try and solve them at all!" From money matters to war to pollution and other stuff like global warming. 'Are we even worth saving from the problems that we cause ourselves in the first place?'... Somehow the answer always comes up to me whenever me and Gaga see little children running around in malls or just on the streets. We wanted our own to. We wanted to live, even with all the problems we face. We still want to live not just for our selves but for our kids to be. So... "Bring Em On!"... :)...

Gaga have this wireless mouse which we use when we're out on cafes. The good thing bout it, it's wireless. The bad thing bout it, it runs on batteries and it doesn't come with a charger. So when we're at home, we just leave it hanging around. Anyways we've seen the 'Watchmen' movie. It's OK i guess, not really the action movie we've all been expecting. It's more in the mystery side of the yard. We think it's better left in the comic books. Just goes to show not all comic book looks better in the movies. And it's really not timely. Just us talking here, lol! Cya guys! :)

Whew! Glad that's over... What a week! Gaga's cousins left for the states today. They were cool n all but they weren't feeling that hot bout the weather here in the Philippines. A couple of them got sick, must be because of the humidity. They just can't handle the heat, specially now that it's summer. Well, we went to this beach resort to cool down and for some R&R.. woohoo!.. The moment we got there, everyone attacked the swimming pool like it was lechon or something. lol :)... It was fun while it lasted. Any how... It's back to the real world now. Cya guys at the streets! :) woot!!

I really lost the phone. :(... I had it all my life. huhu... oh well! look at the bright side? Time to buy new one! :) yehey! hey guys anybody want to come visit Davao City for the summer? Gaga and I are so exited to meet new friends! ;) party party!!! Oh just got home from duty. Just another day.. Goodnight world! o.0,).. woot!

I just came from work, minus 1 cellphone :(... Gaga and I were on a jeepney when someone sent me a text masage. After I've read it, i seem to have forgotten where i putted it. :(... huu huu... Now i have to use my old one just to have something to get connected with. I wish there was someway to insure our phones here in the Philippines. Huuhuu,, :(