Whew! It's officially summer... Some days are just too hot to handle. Gaga and I just came from the electrician to have two of our electric fans repaired. We used it for long periods of time that it finally gave up on us. lol! :)... And another thing, so many mosquitoes everywhere. Maybe it's because of the weather. Hot hot hot... Well we are planning for a beach trip again! woop woop! :) All we need now is to convince our friends to come with us, mainly to share the expense,, lol! That's one good thing about summer. Just another excuse to go to the beach and bond with friends. If only i can do something about my tummy! heehee.. :) Gaga calls it 'baby fats!' Cya guys at the beach! Yahoo!

I remember my high school days, when i used to save my allowance for months just to have enough money to buy something that i really want. One time it was 'Cool Water'. For those who is not familiar with it, it's heaven in a bottle . I saw this site in the net that has a lot of scents when it comes to perfumes, Talk Perfume is simply fantastic. With every spray, it is like you've just gotten out of the shower. The scent will last for hours and it will undoubtedly turn heads. Even my crush at that time who once didn't know i exist suddenly knows my name. It cost me a fortune just to get one bottle. I wonder what it cost now. humm. I sure miss a piece of heaven! O.o woot! :)...

3 Question that you may not answer:

1.) If there is no answer, does it mean there's no problem?
2.) Is there a solar powered flashlight?
3.) If you touch an ice cube on a hot pan, will it be hot or cold?

...:) more coming up!

It's that day again when you do the laundry while your hubby is watching his favorite show on the tube and sucking on booze all day. Leaving you with mountains of clothes to wash... "On you own!" Well fret not coz I have got a sure fire solution to make your useless man beg you to do all the work! .. 'wink!' :) Your reading it right, "He's gonna beg you to do the laundry himself!" Like little puppy dog you do have to give him a treat after a job well done... Here's how:

Set the mood. Wear something that show some skin, a mini-T and shorts will do. Make sure he's looking while you haul those dirty clothes to the laundry room. When your done with the wash cycle call him over, make whatever excuse just to get him to come to you. When you get his attention sit on top of the machine and pull your hubby close to you, press start and spin your hubby dry! :) The next time wash day comes hes gonna help or better do yet it himself, just to get to the spin dry part! Happy washing! :)

Every noon time around 12pm black-out comes to the City of Davao. First we thought it was just for few days, but now it seems every day we loose about an hour worth of power. I just found out it's for the 'Earth Day celebration'. To help mother Earth save energy... That or it's another plot by the rebels to destabilize the government. Hope not!... ;) Well whatever we can do to help conserve energy is a sure plus to our planet. God Bless to all!

What's up with Manny Pacquiao? I mean can't he make up his mind about which network to choose? Then blame the other network of broadcasting something that he did not give consent to. Humm. Well if I have a job like his... Getting punch to the head many times will also affect my decision making.. I guess.. ;) 'wink!' Oh well!.. To Manny; "Good Luck in your upcoming fight mate!"... Will pray for you...

Just came from the mall with Gaga, we had dinner at KFC, the Meltz was good as long as it's still warm. Anyway on our way home we saw this boy on a bike crossing the street without even looking both ways. He was almost hit by a Jeep. The driver yelled at him to look before crossing next time. "If that kid got hit, there will be no next time", I said to myself. The kid didn't even appeared scared. He just went on his way. Call it innocence or ignorance. I wish his parents taught him how to cross the street before sending him on his own.

Again we're gonna need help on this one. Next week Gaga's cousins are coming for a visit from the states, I'm sure they're craving for some Filipino dishes. Adobo and other kinds of food are covered. What we do not have is the; "Perfect Filipino Barbecue!"... Here's when you guys come in. We really need your help on the sauce part. And if you guys can give some tips on more dishes that will be great. Just post your own sauce recipe on the comment box. Thanks Guys! :)...

Economic crisis is here all right, but you could hardly see it in the streets of Davao City during night time; 'There are bars everywhere!' From the big night clubs to the low down convenience store/bar. Pinoys will always find a way to re-invent things specially when booze is concerned. Even some gas stations have a little space around the corner for those who want to fill up on gas and beer. You can even put a sign in front of your house that says; "Beer 4 Sale" and put some tables and chairs. Within minutes you'll have your own mini bar! :)... Just don't let things get out of hand, or the police will be on your door step. "Mabuhay ka Pinoy!"

I was about to welcome Gaga at the gate when i saw Joker crouch in front of what appears to be a huge Bullfrog... Sniffing it and touching it with her paw. If i was the frog i would be screaming my head off; "Don't eat me!"... :) Well Joker didn't eat it. But i bet the frog froze, in fear of its life. lol... :) In the meantime I did not notice Gaga staring at me with a silly grin on his face. He told me; "Am i gonna have to climb the gate while you stare at them all day?"... I let him in... lol :) cya guys!

It's been awhile since we wrote something, me and Gaga went to Manila to apply for a tourist Visa. We left Davao City about 6 A.M. last March 15, it took us about 1hour and 45minutes to arrived in Manila. As expected the traffic was terrible. If it wasn't too hot to walk we would have. We spent the night at his uncle's house. It was an old Spanish house and a number of Filipino movies have already been shot there, because the house was still well preserved until now. Actually it was kind of creepy because most of the movies that was done there were actually horror movies... ':)lol!' Just imagine!.. We actually slept in the actual movie set the likes of "Hiwaga Sa Balete Drive and or Shake rattle and roll"...:) lol... Oh well,, The next day we left for Davao at about 7 P.M. "Oh and about the Tourist Visa,,, We were Denied"... :(... Apparently we were too cute for them... lol :)

A lot of you guys requested for the actual tree that got struck by lightning. Some even say that we just made it up. The only reason that we didn't have real photo of the actual tree is because we do not have a camera. So we have to find something on the net. Well we manage to barrow a digicam. This may be a crappy pic but its the real deal. It's been some time now so plants are starting to grow on it... Hope you guys like it,, :) here's the link.. http://gagaandgaga.blogspot.com/2009/03/mar-22009.html

Just renewed my driver's license, all i can say is that the process has really change for the better, all the automation helped in speeding up the whole process. From the required drug test, medical checkup and up to the license renewal process itself just took me under one hour. Well i guess our taxes are put to good use, sometimes... :) lol... Congrats LTO!!!

P.S. 'I just hope the quality of the card itself is better than the last one!... sigh'

Here's Joker in your eyes! The real Mckoy guys... :) And no this dog is not a 'He' its actually a 'She'... Yes shes a lady, and from the number of visitors that she gets in a day from our neighboring dogs, she's actually what you might call a 'Hot Dog!' :)... "Go get them Girl!"

Summer is here and the heat is sometimes just too much to handle. I just got out of the shower but now I'm sweating like a pig... A glass of iced tea on one hand to help keep my cool. Gaga is at home right now, he must also be stacking up on ice. Hummm... it makes me wonder. Who gets hotter? I mean easily gets hot or sweaty during summer? The guys or the girls?.. Can anybody help me with this one? :)

Shopping with Gaga has always been a pain, I can't move without him commenting on something, weather it's about how long it's gonna take or am i really gonna buy something or not?... lol' :) When it comes to shopping, Girls and Guys really don't mix.

Guys: While still at home guys already know what to buy, like a shirt... then he goes to the mall, grabs the shirt he wants then maybe on the way home grabs a six pack, and play dark orbit back at home. That's it!

Girls: Goes to the mall, grabs a mocha frappe, hops to all the boutique, window shop all day with the girls, manicure, hair salon, the whole nine yards. then if there's still time, go to sing-along bar and sing the night away, past 2am calls Gaga to pick me up... :)

That's why I can't take Gaga shopping with me, well the only good thing in taking along gaga is i have someone to carry the bags... lol ...;) "wink"

Saw this guy on the side of the road urinating... He was directly under this Giant Sign; "Do Not Urinate Here!" .... lol... :) Pinoys will always be Pinoys!:)"Wala yan sa states!"

'Top Model Cycle 11' Winner McKey

Who will be the next to rule the runway and win the hearts of the judges?... See them again in the Cycle 12 of the "America's Next Top Model"... Cya there! :)

Fare well to the poets of the past...
But let their poems remain.
Say goodbye to old records, old tunes, and singers...
But never forget the memories and the cheers.
To those who gave their lives to music,
Who live their lives through music,
To the brothers and sisters who believe,
We are always here.

He opened our eyes to his music...
He shared it to all of us, and showed the world
That Filipinos can do it to.
He rose up to international standards,
But never did he left the ground...
The Philippines.

Mr. Francis Magalona
"A Filipino Hero"


T'was a long day at work.. Our ward was full and worse of all, one of our air conditioning unit has been acting up. Oh well I'm home now, survived another day. goodnight guys!:)

Is this really the last battle for Filipino Boxing Super Star Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao? War of the Worlds will happen on Saturday May 2,2009. Will Ricky 'Hitman' Hatton be the last warrior to meet Manny in the Ring?... Personally... We hope so, let's not wait for Manny to get permanently injured. He better quit while he's ahead of the game. Hopefully he'll win this fight. "C'ya at the ring!":)

Earlier this evening while walking home, me and gaga saw this tree that appeared to be struck by lightning. Well its on fire so must be lightning right? There's this streak or trail of fire on one side of the tree. Maybe 30 minutes had pass before we realized we were staring on that tree for quiet some time now. A tricycle driver also stop to join us in this one in a lifetime show. :)

No work today!:) It's Joker's bath time... I hope gaga comes here early so he could help. Have to prepare breakfast first. Pancakes, bacon and eggs... Cya! :)