Hi fans! :) hehe... we're so so sorry for our long absence... As we all know world crisis is upon us and we must do all we can to survive the plunge.. luckily Gaga and I discovered a business that we could both do with our free time. It's USANA... For those of you guys who already know about it.. 'Yes it is network marketing and it works for us even with all the bad review we've read on the net.' All we can say is, if you work hard, you will succeed, if not, marketing or not you will go down. And the products are top of the life.. It's the best of the best.. Don't take it from us, do some research on the net..
hehe... oh and here's another of our small businesses.. hehe,, U.S. goods... check this out guys! :) Available within Davao City and near provinces... :) yahoo!

Gaga and I joined a networking group,.. 'Ye we know what you guys are gonna, lol!' :)... 'That's it's a scan and a fly by night kind of thing... But this one seems to be different from any other. One reason is we know family members that really benefited from the company. I mean we would not have joined in if we did not know anyone close enough that we could trust. After all there is always money involve when it comes to this line of work. You do have to dish out some money if you want to get to the honey. Hopefully everything turns out alright. Oh and guys.. Be happy! :)

Well the party was small, but great, my dad, my bro, my lil sis the birthday girl, and Gaga was there... Oh! and my lola and ate joy was also there... :) Ice cream, cake, spaghetti, barbecue, kinilaw, mango float, and all the good stuff to eat! :) lol... yum yum.,,, Good thing Gaga helped me with the groceries.. And I also said my sorry for the booboo i did when we were at the health care seminar. Really wasn't thinking at that time, and i was just kidding... I don't know... but we do love each other very very much,, :) ;)... yehey!

Just another day from work, Gaga and I are going to the mall to buy groceries for my sister's birthday. :) yahoo!... Hope you guys can all come... Maybe if we set up web cams and we all could join in the fun. You can all send us your ym accounts so we can add it. cya guys! :) Oh! It's gonna be 2morow...

We're back! :) after more than a week off... Did some talking and settled our differences, we resolved our problems and got through one of life's rough times... We are very very sorry the hold-up guys.. We are now up on our feet and back to our old selves again, :) Happy Happy Happy! ;)... Thank you for all your love and support.. We love you all!... mmwuah! :) ;)...

We've been together for a long time, and sometimes we get under each other's skin. Maybe it's normal. I really don't know. No idea what so ever... :( Hopefully we can figure this part of the journey... It's been all uphill right now... Maybe it's because of all the problems we are all facing. A little help from you guys also does wonders. Thanx guys.. :(...

It's been a rough day, Gaga and i went to a seminar about health care. The sad part was, when the speaker started his talk, he happened to ask Gaga what was her relation to me. He asked if we were life partners. To my surprise Gaga denied. :(... She shook her head showing or signifying that we were not in any relationship. What was i supposed to do when my girlfriend denies our relationship in public?. let's just say i spend the whole seminar boiling up in anger and wanted to pop right then and there. Some thing must be up... I did not even have a clue on what's going on. "What's going on Gaga?!" :(...

No work today, Gaga and I will try to sell U.S. goods from my mom to some of our friends. :) hehe... There's been a lot of it right now because the Balik-Bayan box just arrive. From XOXO wallets to V.S. and other brands, you name it. The plan is to sponsor a dinner on one of our friend's house, inviting a lot of people then show them the goods. :) hahaha! "Hopefully the dinner will not cost us more than we earn. LOL! Cya guys! :)

Major head ache here guys, hope it's not something serious. It's really hard to get sick nowadays. Sick or not still have to go to work. Hey have anybody seen the movie "Crank"? Gaga has been wanting me to go with him watch it, but i don't know. Maybe not my type. Humm. Anyhow I'm off to see my friend for shopping! :)

Watching the U.S. President Obama conference on CNN. Talking about the economy and answering a barraged of questions from different angles, well i think he did good. I mean Well. I leave in the Philippines but right now whatever happens anywhere else in the world affects all of us. So it's not just their war on economy. It's our war as well. We just hope we all pull through this one guys. Another issue right now is this Swine Flu Virus. Well if it becomes pandemic we're toast! Hopefully we get through that to, :( A sad day for us all. Good luck to all of us and God bless!

Whew! I really had a hard time coming home today. There appears to be a transport strike of some sort. :( I had to wait almost an hour just to catch a ride since all of the jeep i see are full. Lucky i found one that has one seat left for me. lol :) oh well.. Goodnight guys!

Major headache welcomed me today. Must be cause by lack of sleep. I ate breakfast and took meds for my aching head and I'm going to take a bath after this. Head ache or no not I have to go to work. Well cya guys! :)