hmmmm... Just figuring out... What would life be without you?

Just image how much text messages i could save!...
But come to think of it... texting is a good workout for my fingers!

I don't have to worry when you're out with your friends on a gimmick!...
But surely, you'll then engage on a gimmick spree and that spells disaster!

I don't have to ask permission (or even lie) when I want to go out...
Well, it's a good exercise of my acting prowess though...

I could sleep early because I don't have someone to talk

about what happened during the day...
But who will listen to my boring stories and misadventures for the day?

I won't get pimples anymore!
Oh, they are just cute reminders that I have someone special, not a big deal anyway!

I could munch all the junk food I want and nobody would

tell me that I'm getting fat!
Well, who would want to spend on new clothes, right?

The bottom line is... I can't imagine life without you, even for a second!
I just love you damn too much!

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