Little Girls And Grannies

Little girls and grannies,
A combination that's hard to beat.
They won't let me grow old,
they keep me on my feet.

They stay up late at night
and pretend they're all grown up.
And I pretend that I don't hear
when they turn the stereo up.
I know they're dancing in my heels
with the music wall to wall.
I just can't make them go to sleep
they're having such a ball.

I let them sleep in late
and serve breakfast at noon.
they're still my little angels
no matter what they do.

I let them use my make-up
and try out brand new recipes.
I take them where they want to go
and let them be what they want to be.

We have so much fun
and I love them oh so much.
There's nothing more comforting
than a little girls touch.

I let them do lots of things
that I never would my own,
because I know when I'm worn out
I can send them home.

Reatha Crow

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