They Won't Be Home For Christmas
- by Del "Abe" Jones

Another year, American Heroes Are fighting in a foreign land But hopefully, with an end in sight To this part of life they hadn't planned. They do their duty without question And they all stand proud and tall They are placed there in harm's way As they answer, our Country's call.

They'll get by the best they can
And improvise ingenious ways To find a way to celebrate The meaning of the Holidays. Peace on Earth, good will towards men Is really, kinda hard to do

When all around, there are folks
Whose only wish, is to kill you. There are far too many families Who will never again know the joy That the Christmastime can bring And cruel, wartime can destroy. The lucky will return back home But lives will never be the same Forever changed in heart and mind By humankind's unholy game.

They won't be home for Christmas
And sadly, some will never be But all of them will share one thing That's the war Hero's legacy. So as you gather 'round the tree With your loved ones by your side Think about those, ?over there? While you enjoy, your Yuletide.

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