For most of you guys and gals that have a lot of spare time on their hands, I know a game online that is entertaining and will definitely get you hook. No pressure here guys. This is a slow phase game that will not demand a lot from you, It is you who will end up demanding; "more! more!" breaks are a must in this game for you will surely spend a lot of time on it, or should i say; "in it". We're talking hours and hours of alien busting here, both computer controlled space menace to player vs player shoot outs. It's called Dark Orbit, and my little bro is hook in it. It's star craft meets counter strike meets diablo if you ask me. You get your ship from one of three companies and blast your way to greatness! Build your own clan or join one to make life easier. Nuff said... Time to Play! Like they always say; "Stay in the Dark!"

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