Last night me and gaga saw this movie; "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", it's the one with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. It was ok i guess... OK,,, honestly It's like this another movie; "The Big Fish". Just another fairy tale gone mega out of proportion. I mean it's just my opinion, i haven't read the book and all,,, if there is a book. I mean this guy was born old right? Then he has all this diseases that came supposedly with his old age. Even if he became younger some of those diseases like the cataract would still be there. How could it just vanished? OK! ok! it's just a movie but i just hope they get their facts straightened out you know?.. Oh well... Let us hear what you think you guys! :)

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    LIZZIE said...

    What I read was that he was born with a disease. That disease is that he will age reversely as he grows... It is actually a real disease. But very very very rare.. Maybe like 1 in 50 million (I guess)...

    I know firsthand that there's another type of disease where a person age very very fast.. Say even though they're 10 years old but they look like a 50 year old with gray hair and back pains and heart problems and what-not..

    Seriously... It exists.. You can google it sometime..

    So for this movie, Benjamin was not like born old and then caught a disease and then start to grow young.. The disease is WITHIN him already, in his body, in his cells.. And he grows young because the disease is a sort of disease which replenish the cells in his body.. Makes his body more vigorous.. Hence all the problems like cataract and all fades in time...


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