It's that day again when you do the laundry while your hubby is watching his favorite show on the tube and sucking on booze all day. Leaving you with mountains of clothes to wash... "On you own!" Well fret not coz I have got a sure fire solution to make your useless man beg you to do all the work! .. 'wink!' :) Your reading it right, "He's gonna beg you to do the laundry himself!" Like little puppy dog you do have to give him a treat after a job well done... Here's how:

Set the mood. Wear something that show some skin, a mini-T and shorts will do. Make sure he's looking while you haul those dirty clothes to the laundry room. When your done with the wash cycle call him over, make whatever excuse just to get him to come to you. When you get his attention sit on top of the machine and pull your hubby close to you, press start and spin your hubby dry! :) The next time wash day comes hes gonna help or better do yet it himself, just to get to the spin dry part! Happy washing! :)

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