Shopping with Gaga has always been a pain, I can't move without him commenting on something, weather it's about how long it's gonna take or am i really gonna buy something or not?... lol' :) When it comes to shopping, Girls and Guys really don't mix.

Guys: While still at home guys already know what to buy, like a shirt... then he goes to the mall, grabs the shirt he wants then maybe on the way home grabs a six pack, and play dark orbit back at home. That's it!

Girls: Goes to the mall, grabs a mocha frappe, hops to all the boutique, window shop all day with the girls, manicure, hair salon, the whole nine yards. then if there's still time, go to sing-along bar and sing the night away, past 2am calls Gaga to pick me up... :)

That's why I can't take Gaga shopping with me, well the only good thing in taking along gaga is i have someone to carry the bags... lol ...;) "wink"

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