It's been awhile since we wrote something, me and Gaga went to Manila to apply for a tourist Visa. We left Davao City about 6 A.M. last March 15, it took us about 1hour and 45minutes to arrived in Manila. As expected the traffic was terrible. If it wasn't too hot to walk we would have. We spent the night at his uncle's house. It was an old Spanish house and a number of Filipino movies have already been shot there, because the house was still well preserved until now. Actually it was kind of creepy because most of the movies that was done there were actually horror movies... ':)lol!' Just imagine!.. We actually slept in the actual movie set the likes of "Hiwaga Sa Balete Drive and or Shake rattle and roll"...:) lol... Oh well,, The next day we left for Davao at about 7 P.M. "Oh and about the Tourist Visa,,, We were Denied"... :(... Apparently we were too cute for them... lol :)

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