The scenario; 'You try to comfort a friend who's boyfriend or husband left her for some blond. The sad part, your friend is 3 months pregnant!' The harder you try to convince her that it's all gonna be all right and that you are there for her and that her parents will understand, she just keep saying; "You do not know how i feel because it's not you who's in my shoes!" Well she is absolutely right! You do not know how she feels!... You guys may have been friends since grade school but for the first time you are helpless to help your friend. The thing is, she feels all alone right now, even if you're right there beside her. "What if you let other people help her?" Someone who feels and undergoes the same situation she's in right now.
single parent chat You and this chat site will help her go through her problem with the help and support of individuals who knows what it's like to be a single parent. Acceptance and support is a good solution, and this chat room provides both. Some times we are not equip with the right tool to certain problems in life. We just need to know who does and ask for help. We just have to remember; "We are not alone!"

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