For years now I've been sleeping on this old Spanish bed that I think belonged to my grand parents. I've even heard that one of them died on it, yayk! :)lol... Well finally the old bed gave up on me. Now Gaga and I are searching for a new bed. At first we looked at single beds just for me, but why hold back? We realized it's better to get one that is perfect for both of us. We both grew up in the Philippines so naturally it has to be made from wood and must look similar to old Spanish beds we've come to love. As usual surfing the net led us to this beautiful furniture site;
log furniture They have all kinds of stuff from tables, nightstands and our favorite furniture, beds. We saw one bed that's perfect for the job. Mainly sleeping. lol! :)... It's called 'Sunrise Top King Size Bed', made from Walnut frame and Maple accents. Looks a little like my grand parents' bed but with new modern design of the sun near head rest. Like Gaga always says about furniture; "If it's wood... It must be Good!" :)

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