One time i saw this guy with weird skin-tight pants and long shaggy hair wearing black Metalica T-shirt inside the jeep. Hanging around his neck was a necklace made of aluminum soft drink can rings. The one that you pull to get your soft drink can open. "You know?!".. Well Gaga probably saw my curiosity so he asked the guy what was it for. The guy told us that he was collecting it to make a wheelchair. Humm... After that incident Gaga and I search the web for programs regarding wheelchair community sites and how we could all help our physically disabled brothers and sisters out there. We saw one chat site:
wheelchair chat
It is basically an online community where people can share their views and support to those who where unable to walk because of some serious illness or might be cause by calamities. The importance of this chat site is to give hope and love, and to share their own experiences so they might help other people to move on and keep on living. It might not be you or me who's on a wheelchair but it is probably someone we know and love. As always guidance and emotional support plays a role in all of these. That is why this chat site is so valuable in the first place. "Let there be Hope!"

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