Have you ever wondered where all the punk are today? Those guys and gals wrapped in checkered polo shirts styling Dr. Martens boots and mohok hair style. One can hardly spot them on the streets nowadays. One reason is, they are now online.
punk singles
...A safe haven for those who are really punk deep inside and are just afraid to show or express it. "Admit it guys, we all are!" I still have my pair of DM's... :)... Fun never stop just bcuz ur having more and more gray hair. "Splash a little color on and break that egg or Elmer's glue to make that spiked hair alive again!" :) Just log on to this site and you'll find new friends with same interest. Good thing this site is international, so i can connect to people all over the world not just Davao City. Punk will never ever die. We just upgraded to the internet age. Now hopefully i can find someone in here who still has a copy of Rancid. :) TRC! Yeah!

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    MsRay said...

    I remember the punk era in the 80's.

  1. ... on April 20, 2009 at 12:23 AM