Guys will always be guys when it comes to fixing stuff. From banging the T.V. set to trying to pry open oven toasters. They just have to know them all, or pretend to know them all. :)... One area is plumbing. One time I asked Gaga to call a plumber because our bathroom faucet now has mind of its own. The super man that he is, tried to fixed the problem himself. He did actually, but around 12:00 o'clock midnight the faucet went nuts again, and this time it's too late to call a professional plumber. We had to wait till the next morning and i let Gaga help me pay the water bill when it arrived. Well good news to those who live in the Denver Colorado area! Mike the plumber is here! Denver Plumbing Professional plumbing at your service. Why gamble your plumbing needs to someone who doesn't really know what his doing when you can have a quality job done by a professional. Mike the plumber is ready to serve! :)...

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