With hundreds or even thousands of online games around, one might think; "Naaa... They're all the same! Fun is fun, as long as it's free right?"... "Wrong!"... I've been into games for sometime now and there are a lot of them that's just a copy cat of the the other, but I've also notice some of them with a very original concept and style. While some games are just there to keep us from getting bored and carry us away from our daily life to another dimension, some on the other hand really make a name for themselves and be part of our very culture. Games that get you hooked not just coz it's fun, but because it's already a part of us. "I mean some body's got to save Mars or Earth from extinction right?" And you happened to be the one to get the job done... :) So cheers to all the Hard core Gamers out there and to all the worth it games! I know it's a little late but, "Happy Easter Every One!" wootwoow! :) Oh! For all you guys out there... Here's a game for you. Try: DarkOrbit

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