Every day we go out to work, to the gym, or to our clubs and favorite coffee shops. Just doing our daily routine and letting time simply pass us by. Not sensing danger until the last minute. "What am i talking about?"... Well all you have to do is turn on the T.V. set and you'll see. it's right in front of us. Our world is becoming more and more dangerous by the second. And so far most of us only see it in the daily news. But to some, well make it to many; "It's a jungle out there!" From Illegal drugs to drive by shoot outs to terrorism and don't forget sex offenders. So long have we all been victimize by sex offenders. Might not be directly, but I'm sure we all know someone who was or still is a victim. We can call the cops right? But will they be there on time? We are talking seconds here, life or death if it comes to that. As a health care practitioner, as always... "Prevention is still and always better than cure!" What can we do you ask? Well me and Gaga have been doing net research and surprisingly there are a lot of sites out there that offers information and other resources to help prevent or stop sex offenders. One such site is
Track Local Sex Offenders
They cater everything from police to watch group assistance to other stuff like tips and ideas on how to handle situations like this. The site is complete from A to Z on how you yourself may help and become the tool to stop sex offenders before it happens. It's simply fantastic! For the first time a site that really shows you how we all can defend ourselves from such danger. Not just watching the news; "Be the news!" In a good way... Just remember to be safe as always. No time like the present to help out and do it ourselves. As always. God bless us all! cya guys! :)

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